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About Concept Wire Industries

Since taking over the wire division of Gerrard Strapping Systems in 2001, and the further acquisition of Kenco Wire in 2007, Maxi Wire, Jordan Wire and Apparel Fittings in 2007 and the partial acquisition of the Greer Industries multislide division in 2008, Concept Wire Industries has continued to grow into one of the largest suppliers of manufacturers wire and wire products in Australia with volumes exceeding 3000 tonnes per annum.

Where many other companies use the ‘Australian owned’ title, the fact is these companies source over 90% of their products from China, Concept Wire Industries prides itself in manufacturing and supplying the majority of its product range using Australian made wire.

From smaller diameter wires for the printing or apiary industries, through the full range of baling wires for the recycling industry, up to the larger diameters used in the automotive and engineering fields, Concept Wire Industries extensive stock of quality wires, modern production equipment and technical expertise ensure we can provide a suitable solution for all of your wire needs.

Concept Wire Industries stocks one of the largest ranges of wire including HDLC (hard drawn low carbon), galvanised, baling, high tensile, stainless steel, spring and annealed tie wire.

All wire available from Concept Wire Industries is available in a multiple of forms from small rewound coils to full size one tonne stems, as well as cut lengths and formed products, including curtain hooks, wallties, buckles, rings, ground staples, bucket handles and wickets.